human hair

My Top 4 Favourite Instagram Human Hair Sellers

Human hair business seems to be quite lucrative. More and more people seem to be delving into this line. On an average daily, nothing less than five to six hair seller ads bombard me. While this is great, it gets really confusing choosing what hair seller to buy from especially if the transaction will be […]

8 Fun Ideas For Easter

We love holidays don’t we? The much awaited Easter holiday is finally here. All the way from Good Friday to Easter Monday, you can have a good time and create memories with family, friends and loved ones. Just before the Easter break sneaks right past your nose and disappears, here are some fun ideas for […]


How to Make Frejon This Easter

I know how difficult it could be finding other meals to eat aren’t rice especially in the festive season. I mean, what’s Easter of Christmas without that party jollof right? Well it doesn’t have to be the same this Easter. I’ll be teaching you to make a very yummy, nutritious and health meal called Frejon […]

cabbage swallow

How to Make Cabbage Swallow

Yes, you read right! You can make swallow meals from cabbage vegetable. This is another wonderful addition to your diet I you’re part of the “Fitfam.” First of all, if you are not Nigerian, the name “swallow” might get be confusing. Sallow is the generic name given to our solid meals that are eating with […]

amala in lagos

Top 10 Places to Eat Amala in Lagos

Who’s up for Amala? Not just any Amala but the type you can’t eat with cutlery and leaves you sweating after battling with the giant goat meat in the soup. There are many places in Lagos to find this sort of mouthwatering Amala. Amala hunting has become a hobby for many Amala lovers. Find out […]

unhealthy foods

6 Foods That Are Secret Sugar Offenders

It is quite common to find people checking for the sugar content of foods on supermarket racks before buying them. Most people want to eat healthy and would rather buy foods that promise “low sugar.” You still need to be cautious when buying these foods because some of them sneak their way to the “healthy […]

valentine date ideas

5 Great Valentine Date Ideas

We can totally relate with how confused you could become about how to spend Valentine’s with the one. All of a sudden, you just forget all the possible things you could do on that special day. It’s quite normal but lucky for you, we are here to the rescue with romantic, fun and thoughtful Valentine […]

weight loss tips

6 Weight Loss Tips That Won’t Kill You

It is one thing to have this beautiful weight loss plan and an entirely different thing to actually see it through. It’s mid-January and time to access how well your weight loss plan is working. Not so good? Not to worry because I found six tips to help you lose weight without necessarily hitting the […]

style temple

4 Nigerian Fashion Designers to Look Out for in 2017

Every fashion enthusiast would know that 2016 was the year of greatness for a lot of fashion designers. We saw some pretty remarkable pieces that completely blew our minds. These ranged from fashion show collections to ready-to wear pieces straight off the rack. All we can say is that greatness is cooking in the Nigerian […]

kajuru castle

16 Places to Visit In 2017

Remember how you always decide to travel more and meet new people every year? Well you can actually make it happen this year. You do not necessarily have to leave the country if you cannot afford to right now. There are a lot of beautiful tourist destinations in Nigeria totally worth visiting. Lucky for you, […]

bad new year resolutions

7 New Year’s Resolutions that are Just Bad Ideas

It’s the New Year and it’s that time when people go on a “new year, new me” rave and go ahead to make resolutions and set goals for the New Year. While some people are of the school of thought that setting New Year’s resolutions is a waste of time (probably from their own experiences), […]

New Year 2017

7 Ways to Ring in the New Year

2016 definitely is one year not to forget in a hurry! It really was different things for different people. For some, it was the year to lay foundations for new businesses, for some it was the actualization of already laid foundations, some bumped into unexpected successes while some had to apply every thinking cap they […]

lips remedy

How to Keep Those Lips Sexy Through the Harmattan

The season of chapped and dry lips is upon us! Yes its harmattan and there are lots of mixed feelings about the weather for me. Of all the beautiful things that come with harmattan as cool nights, quicker laundry drying, less traffic thanks to more accessible roads; everyone can admit that the dry lips part […]


Places to Visit in Lagos This Yuletide Season

Merry Christmas everyone! There’s something contagious about the yuletide season no one can deny. There’s just this genuine jolliness and gaiety in the air. A lot of people already have an inexhaustible list of where to go and how to spend the holiday while some others plan to figure it out as they go. Whatever […]

How to detox

How to Detox Your Body Naturally Daily

I remember when I was always procrastinating detoxing my body because I thought I had to do a 30 day fruit fast to rid my body of toxins. I was over the moon when I found out I did not have to go through all that hassle just to detox because there are daily steps […]

home remedies

6 Home Remedies You Probably Didn’t Know About

Sometimes, the remedies you’re combing the entire city searching for could be right there in your kitchen cupboards. Here are some really useful home remedies that would help you through some of the health issues you might be too embarrassed to talk about. Don’t knock it till you try it! Use Ginger for Menstrual Cramp: […]

How to make money

How to Make Money

It’s interesting how many people do not know how creative they could be until they are pushed against the wall. The current recession in Nigeria might be drilling giant holes in people’s pockets but I have to admit that in this season, I have walked into some of the most insightful conversations on how people […]

Affordable dresses

8 Amazing Dresses You Can Buy For Under 6K

If you have attempted buying fashion pieces in the last two months, you would admit that prices have shot through the roof in less than four months. To purchase any reasonable fashion item for women, you might have to budget close to N10,000. This certainly isn’t the fault of the retailers, feel free to blame […]


The Wedding Weekend – Episode – 4

“I’m going to hurt her” he says to me as he watches me head out of the kitchen. I had disengaged from the kiss that was most likely going to end badly and had been running to my room to escape from my own foolishness when he says those words. I halt, turn to face […]

8 Ways to Save Money During the Recession

Even though many people might not want to admit that Nigeria is officially experiencing a recession, you might at least want to start being smart with your money especially since your income is probably the same or even less, yet the cost of everything has tripled. Hint: the current exchange rate is N1 to $460. […]

Idanre Hills

10 Reasons to Visit Idanre Hills

Nigeria is beautiful, Nigeria is blessed. Nothing contradictory anyone says matters.  So Idanre hills located in Ondo state Nigeria is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Nigeria. It includes such cultural sites as “Owa’s Palace, Shrines, Old Court, Belfry, Agbooogun footprint, thunder water (Omi Apaara) and burial mounds and grounds”. It resides 3000 […]

beach wear

What To Wear To A Beach Getaway

I always think I have my wardrobe figured out until it’s time for a beach outing; I actually become clueless about what to wear. This is probably a dilemma for many people. Deciding how much skin to reveal, what flattering yet comfy outfit to put on and even what footwear that won’t become a problem […]


The Wedding Weekend – Episode 3

My knees are weak and I honestly think I would fall, so I grab the closest chair and sit. The wedding rehearsal has been disrupted, thanks to Dipo’s mistake and half of the people who came are with him and Angie outside the church. I bow my head as I cover my face with my […]


Checkout Konga’s Interpretation of the Classic Man Look

Looking dapper involves might not be magic but it certainly involves a few tricks! When it comes to styling oneself, the three things you should consider is how you feel, the impression you want to leave, and also the environment. Here are some necessities every classic man should have in his collection of clothes. Every man […]

So You Can Now Zoom In on Instagram

I know many people have accidentally liked pictures on Instagram while trying to zoom in. Well that doesn’t have to happen again because you can now zoom in! I get the feeling mums will be happy to hear this considering all the hilarious memes about them trying to zoom in while going through IG pictures […]

Mark Zukerberg is in Nigeria

Mark Zuckerberg is Currently in Nigeria

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg, the real Mark Zuckerberg is in Nigeria right now. I think this is more than sufficient for this entire post! But I guess I still have to add more content so that I don’t get on the bad side of Google with miserable So yes, According to Tech Cabal, Mark Zuckerberg […]

10 Funny Memes From Rio 2016

I have to admit that the internet is crazy! Everyone is apparently a meme maker. Since the commencement of the Olympics games Rio 2016, I’ve seen some memes and pictures that have cracked me up a whole lot. Check out some of my favourite. I hope to see much more before the games


The Wedding Weekend – Episode 2

“You did what? Dolapo!” I don’t say anything. Nothing at all, I just hold the phone to my ear and stare at my reflection in the mirror. I should have kept the piece of information to myself but again, I had to share. I had to tell the closest person to me at the moment, […]

Who’s Game for a No Rice Challenge?

The struggle is real for every Nigerian trying to lose weight. With rice as the most consistent meal readily available especially for those who eat out a lot, how won’t we add weight? Yes we can blame the weight on ice cream, pastries and other junk food but really, how often do we eat these? […]


The Wedding Weekend – Episode 1

You are making a huge mistake. I try to shake off the voice for the thousandth time today and just like before, it isn’t exactly working. Maybe because a part of me agreed with the voice? Maybe because I just might be making a mistake I wouldn’t be able to go back from? Maybe because […]

100 Women Strip Nude Against Donald Trump in Cleveland

Not less than 100 women stripped and posed naked with mirrors in Cleveland, responding to a photographer’s call to blend art with politics and portray Donald Trump as unfit for the White House. This happened on the eve of the Republican National Convention, where Trump will be anointed the party’s nominee for president after winning […]

Why the World is Going Crazy About Pokémon Go

There is always a social trend that ensures people go crazy every now and then; Twiter, Instagram, Snapchat and now Pokémon Go. The buzz is crazy even though it’s yet to reach 0ver 90% of the world. Before I get ahead of myself, let me explain what Pokémon Go is. So Pokémon Go is a […]

Falling Behind on Those Resolutions? Here’s What to Do

How time flies; the first six months of the year are gone already! Its appraisal time- time to evaluate those goals you set at the beginning of the year.  Kudos to everyone who has pushed hard and have taken significant steps in achieving those goals. If you haven’t, no need to beat yourself up about […]

All You Need to Know About the New Fuel Price

The on and off queues at filling stations have been both confusing and frustrating. However, this Press Statement below by Petroleum Minister Ibe Kachikwu on the current fuel situation in Nigeria might help know all you need to about the true situation and new fuel price. “We have just finished a meeting of various stakeholders […]

Tired of Those Dark Lips? Here’s What to Do!

Several people with dark lips are quite uncomfortable with it. While some were born with dark lips, for others, life happened. Whatever the case, there are a lot of online searches on how to lighten dark lips. While I don’t subscribe to bleaching products, there are safe and natural ways to lighten dark lips. A […]

10 Useful Things You can Buy For 1K

When I have just N1,000 left in my wallet, I unconsciously begin to look for the nearest ATM because in my mind, I have equated having N1,000 to having nothing. But guess what, you’d be surprised by 10 really useful items N1,000 can get you. Selfie Stick: Say Cheese! Everyone loves a selfie. Thankfully, you […]

The Weather too hot? Here’s How to Survive It

I really doubt I’ve ever experienced the weather this hot! It’s almost unreal. One would think when it rains it would get better but no, it gets even hotter. Could we be paying for what we’ve done to the ozone layer? Anyway, that’s a topic for another day. Even though the weather might be unbearably […]

How to Make Chapman

If you have been in Nigeria, you must have felt how unbearably hot the weather has been with the scotching sun hot enough to fry an egg. A cold drink is always welcome in this weather. Be a good host and treat yourself anf guests to a glass of chilled chapman drink. No you don’t […]

8 Celebrities Serving Natural Hair Goals

If you still think natural hair is untrendy, you my friend are stuck in the past. Not only is natural hair sexy, if grown and styled properly, it will make you the envy of everyone. The trick however is investing in products to make your natural hair health and easy to style. If you get […]

Know Your Daily Caffeine Limits

Whether it’s to stay awake or to get extra boost to get work done, a lot of people find themselves having to resort to substances with caffeine. No, it is not only your coffee that is caffeinated; energy drinks, cola drinks and even tea have their own fair share of caffeine. You probably already know […]

8 Things Too Real About the Fuel Scarcity

With the current fuel situation in the country, fuel is certainly worth more than diamonds. I can actually imagine an armed thief pointing a gun to someone’s head saying “your fuel or your life…” I’m guessing the response will be “heck shoot me already” lol. I really doubt Nigerians have had it this tough in […]

So Beyonce Now Has A Fashion Line

Yes the queen Bee now has her own fashion line called Ivy Park. We knew this was going to happen sooner or later since everything Beyonce touches turns to gold. I’m sure you remember how her mention of the fast food chain Red Lobster spiked up their sale by 30%. Beyonce took to her Instagram […]

8 Things too Real About Resuming Work After Easter

We all know how short public holidays seem even if they are for a hundred days. Well, the much anticipated Easter Holiday has come and is gradually disappearing. If you made good use of it, great! But if you didn’t too bad. Not to worry though because the next public holiday – Worker’s Day also […]

12 Favourite Looks From the AMVCA 2016

I was particularly looking forward to the AMVCA 2016 fashion and I was not disappointed. Almost everyone looked stunning with a special touch to their different outfits. While I loved so many looks from the red carpet, here are my favourite looks from the AMVCA 2016 and yes, they are all my women crush this […]

crochet braids

How to Make Crochet Braids

Now this something I am super excited about because as much as I love braids, I am not patient enough to sit through the process of making it or taking it out either; hence I had not braided in 11 years until yesterday when I discovered the crochet braids secret. I’ll tell you about the […]

10 Times Latasha Nwugbe Gave Us Sunshades Goals

You can call her Latasha but I like to call her the queen of shades. Latasha is the editor of Pride magazine, Assistant Editor Vanguard Allure, anchor of the fashion police show. This beautiful and curvy fashionista not only slays every single time, she also gives us something to wow at with her interesting collection […]

11 Favourite Looks From the 2016 Grammys

So the 2016 Grammys happened and there was everything from Taylor Swift’s diss to Kanye West, Johnny Depp performing to Adele’s not-so-wonderful performance, Denicia’s rather hideous pink ensemble but I choose to focus on just the beautiful things about the Grammys hence this post of my favourite fashion from the 2016 Grammys. Let me just […]

puff puff

7 Nigerian Foods That Transcend All Poshness

I have this colleague that blesses every morning by bringing bakery-fresh Agege bread and hot Akara. It’s amazing how we all dive in with our Ruby woo lipsticks, 4 inch heels, Paco Rabanne fragrances and the “freshness” we brought to the office. Whether you like it or not, there are some Nigerian foods that make […]

Beyonce Formation

But You Know with Formation Beyonce Had to Be Our Woman Crush

So Beyonce’s new song Formation happened and broke the internet. Not just because it was another hot Beyonce single but because she used the song and video to pass across a strong message about the rampant injustice of the American police to black people. I’m sure you remember the popular hashtag #Blacklivesmatter. We can say […]

10 Pictures Too Real About the Lagos Marathon

So the Lagos Marathon finally happened and we had the lions, the fainters, the selfie takers and of course the tosters. First of all, a big congratulations to the winner Abraham Kator, of course he’s Kenyan. Don’t play with them when it comes to marathons. This tournament wasn’t beans as it was a 42 km […]

Jumoke in a selfie with TY Bello

Agege Bread to Runway Story in the Making

So in the last post, I mentioned how photographer TY Bello was in search of an Agege bread seller who had photo bombed one of Tinie Tempah’s shots. Well, the mystery hawker has been found and her process to fame has begun already. She has an interesting story. Jumoke is a mother of two and […]

Talk About the Perfect Photo Bomb

Recently, ace photographer TY Bello had a shoot with international British-Nigerian artiste Tinie Tempah themed “Disturbing Lagos.” It was an indigenous shoot with locations in the heart of the “real” Lagos where the artists was taken shots that represented some of the things Lagos is known for. This is not even the real story. Believe […]


15 Things Single People Are Fed Up of Hearing

Whew! The “endless” January has finally come to an end and we are now in the month of love. With Valentine’s around the corner, love mode has been activated everywhere even marketing campaigns for brands. But just before we get on board all the mushiness, here are 15 things I’m certain most single people can […]

If You Find Your Password Among these 25 Change It!

Recently, a friend’s email was hacked and used to send fraudulent mails to her business contacts. She is still trying to clean up the aftermath of the hacked password mess one contact at a time. It is hard to imagine doing anything without screens, it’s either a computer, tab, phone. These gadgets have made life […]

FLOTUS Michelle Obama Stole Woman Crush Today

The First Lady of the United States, FLOTUS as she is popularly certainly stole our hearts and space as Woman Crush this Wednesday. Michelle Obama who turned 52 on the 17th of January 2016 is every bit an icon from her movements in leading change, here sheer elegance and outstanding fashion style. She has led […]

11 Tweets Too Funny About Eritrea Marriage Law

Eritrea was the most mentioned country in the world on social media yesterday because of the new law passed by its government. So the government of Eritrea has mandated its men to marry two wives of face jail term. Any woman who prevented her husband from taking a second wife will also be thrown into […]

Be Like Me!

Now this is one rather sarcastic but funny trend on social right now. You probably have seen stick drawings of your friends asking you to be like them after writing some sarcastic lines. Many of these lines condemn some annoying attitudes people have on social media especially Facebook. We play too much! Making one of […]

Listen Linda!

This cute little boy has certainly been watching too much Robert De Niro! “Listen Linda!” This video from Philip Network on Instagram makes me laugh every single time I watch it. Enjoy!   Linda listen listen! 😂😂😂😂 #TBT A video posted by Phillip Network (@phillipnetwork) on Jan 14, 2016 at 9:43am PST

Haf You Wash Afenja??

I’m sorry guys but I just had to! This cracked me up a lot! Check out this viral video of the Yoruba version of Avengers! Happy viewing Can’t wait to see an Igbo version as well.

5 things to Know About the Davido $1M Deal with Sony Music

Amidst all the artist rivalry this year seemed to have started with, one lucky artist is certainly smiling to the bank! Davido has signed $1 million with Sony Entertainment Music! Here are 5 things you should know about this deal. Sony Music Entertainment Inc. is an American music corporation managed and operated by Sony Corporation […]

Jamie Foxx Rescues Man From Burning Truck

Actor and singer Jamie Foxx brings being a hero from the movies to real life as he saved a man from a burning truck. A 32 year old driver named Brett Kyle was driving on high speed which resulted in him going off the road into a drainage pipe which burst in flames reports say. […]

10 Pictures that Explain Why Rita Dominic is Our Woman Crush

Our Woman Crush this Wednesday is they stylish, beautiful, hardworking and talented Rita Dominic. Speaking of Talented, Rita has produced another movie after “The Meeting” titled “Surulere” which will start showing in cinemas from the 12th of February 2016. Just in time for Valentine *wink* The movie stars award winning actors including Kemi Lala Akindoju, […]

How to Make N300k Extra By the End of the Year

So I was browsing through Twitter some days ago and saw a tweet about some guy who had made N300k extra by the end of 2015. I wasn’t so excited initially about him making that amount of money in a whole year because my guess was that he had saved if from his salary for […]

5 Sure banker Hairstyles that will Never Disappoint

It’s Saturday and hair day for many women. The struggle of getting the perfect hairstyle and hairstylist is real! Considering that many of us have to change our hairstyle every 2-3 weeks, it could get quite difficult choosing a new hairstyle that will also flatter our faces. The truth is that there are some sure […]

#OscarsSoWhite Once Again

The nomination list for the Oscars is out and for the second time in a row, no black actors were nominated. This has led to the popular hashtag on social #OscarsSoWhite. 2015 saw a lot of great movies with amazing performances from black actors. Some of them are Will Smith in Concussion, Idris Elba in […]

Lassa Fever

How to Protect Yourself From Lassa Fever

The last health outbreak we had that raised serious concern among Nigerians and the world at large was the deadly Ebola disease. Recently, another deadly disease that has claimed several lives and counting is Lassa Fever. Although it started in the Northern part of Nigeria, it is rapidly sperading as Ondo, Abuja, Lagos and more […]

7 Reasons Taraji P Henson is Our Woman Crush

Way before the popular American TV series Empire, I had always been in love with Taraji for her spectacular acting in movies like Baby Boy, I Can do Bad all by Myself, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Think Like a Man and several other big-hit movies. Empire however was a bigger platform for her talent […]

Our Top 11 Favourite Looks From the Golden Globes 2016

As usual, the stars did not disappoint to stun at the Golden Globes 2016 red carpet. While there were so many looks we absolutely love, here are our 11 favourite looks from the Golden Globes 2016. JAIMIE ALEXANDER wears a gracefully plunging green Genny geometric-print gown with Lorraine Schwartz emeralds. JENNIFER LAWRENCE is in an […]

How to Look Fabulous Without Breaking the Bank

Looking good is not “as simple as ABC” like the popular wax fabric company jingle says. For an average earner, shopping for good quality trendy clothes and accessories that will not cost a fortune could be quite frustrating. The options available are usually mass produced, copies of originals or overpriced. The good news is that […]

10 Things too Real For Everyone House Hunting in Lagos

A friend who is house hunting in Lagos was narrating his experiences with landlords and agents and it reminded me too well of all the ridiculous things I went through when I was house hunting myself. You certainly will be able to relate with some of these if you’ve ever looked for a house in […]

6 Places to Meet Singles in Lagos

In my mother’s words, “how do you expect to meet people if you don’t go out?” For single people, especially those working professionals who are busy, this is so true. You leave early for work and get back late at night. When the weekend comes, it is an endless list of errands on your to-do […]

Meet Our Woman Crush Lisa Folawiyo

With those happy pictures in the sun and an irresistible smile, Lisa Folawiyo, Founder and Creative Director of the Lisa Folawiyo Brand is our woman crush this Wednesday. Lisa is probably the most popular Nigerian womens’ wear brand known for its trademark style of working embellishment into the traditional West African Ankara fabric to give […]


Netflix Now in Nigeria!

Yep! Netflix is now in Nigeria! It is available in 130 countries and our very own Nigeria is one of them. This is a big leap from the previous 60 countries it covered previously. Speaking on this development, Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix announced that more countries have been added to the list and its […]

Karrueche Tran Launches Beauty Line KaePop

From the look of things, 2016 is indeed a bloom year for many people. Model and actress Karrueche Tran has launched a beauty line with ColourPop called KaePop. The collection contains a range of make-up items including blush, a contour bronzer, highlighter, matte lip pencils, and lipsticks. The cost of each piece is $8. The […]

Adele’s 25 Bestselling Album of 2015

Billboard naming Adele’s ‘25’ as the bestselling album of 2015 certainly comes as no shock. I mean we listened and listened then covered and covered that album till we barely heard the original and don’t get me wrong, more covers are still being made even as we speak. After the long silence of the songstress, […]

Meet the 4-Year Old Blue Eyed Twins Taking Over

As if being twins is not cute enough, they just had to have the most beautiful eyes ever! Since I discovered these rare beauties from Phily, I’ve found myself stuck on their social media pages. What brands will see these rare breeds and not want them on their billboards? Megan and Morgan are one of […]

oolong tea

Amazing Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

Anyone who is used to the tea life should already know all the amazing health benefits of drinking tea. However, my newest crush is an amazing tea called Oolong! It is not a brand name but a tyle of tea just like green tea and black tea. The health benefits of oolong tea are basically […]

yoruba boys

How to Flee “Yourba Boys” Heartbreak in 2016

If you have been following social media trends, you must have noticed that “Yoruba Boys” have become quite a frequently used phrase especially when describing men who are reckless with girls’ hearts. Are all Yoruba boys reckless with hearts? No. Are there other tribes also reckless with women’s hearts? But of kes yes! So let […]